The annual Wheels and Waves event, hosted by the Southsiders and held in Biarritz, has now taken on a momentum of its own. 

Five thousand people and three thousand bikes were the figures reported. Two bike runs, a hill climb on a closed stretch of public highway (impressive), a static show of brands and bike-related images in the amazing Foch building, as well as nightly entertainment at the Lighthouse and the super chilled Sunday brunch at The Beach House in Anglet gave the attendees plenty to do for the weekend. 

There has been much discussion on what this type of event is doing for motorcycle culture. Everyone and everything vying for attention. In my opinion, this type of 'scene' is developing itself, and is not really managed or manageable. It is not too grand to suggest this is actually 'culture' in action.  

The opportunity to appreciate a broad spectrum of experiences under one umbrella is an enhancement, not a dilution. It's how best to spend your time. Surrounded by the people and objects that interest you. A rare chance for me to mix work and play. 

Thank you for the invite The Southsiders.