Jim Marshall RIP

“When you see one of my photos of, say, Merle Haggard, I want you to think. ‘What a great shot of Merle Haggard,’ not ‘What a great Jim Marshall photograph’.”

Jim and Johnny to meet again.


Tokyo Archive 1

Triumph of Nippon

Made in the UK .... modified in the USA ... finessed in JAPAN.


SouthSiders MC

The SouthSiders are running a 'Favorite Five Bikes' feature each week ... Decker last week, me this week (thanks for the invite). Much other good stuff besides ... visit the Southsiders here.

130 mph bicycles ....

Board Track collecting may have become a millionaires hobby these days, but this footage shows why everyone got so excited in the first place.

1969 Isle of Man

Great four part document from Douglas on You Tube ... Thanks to Johnny Webber for this.

Go Local ...


Ken's still everywhere

Long gone ... name tarnished and misrepresented for those who admired him.
Essentially, all the makings of a folk hero.
Don't forget just how out there VD was ... his spirit seems to be everywhere at the moment.

Reinvention ... mould manipulation ... essential.



The Pan and the Man finally meet.
Man Liked Pan ... on the road next week. Amen

RIP Alex Chilton.

The revered guitarist and singer best known for his work with Big Star .... BUT also the producer of the first Cramps album - Songs The Lord Taught Us.

The brooding ambience created by Alex (with a little help from Lux, of course) had me hooked as a youngster still living at home in Kent.
The simplicity of the songs meant as a novice I could play along and imagine what it would feel like to be in the kind of band I wanted to form.

This album taught me to play guitar.


Close ... but no cigar ... just yet.

Registering an imported vehicle just takes forever... Don't know why I keep doing it, maybe its like the pain of childbirth, you know, you forget how bad it was straight after, until the next time!
so ...
Duty ... check.
M.O.T... check.
Visit 1 to the DVLA to register ... Check.
Visit 2 to the DVLA for 'inspection' ... this week.
License plate and Tax Disc ... god knows when ...
Anyone would think it was illegal to own anything more than 3 years old !!!
Don't forget to cough up serious cash on each visit.
Oh yes, don't ride it until the Government say so, because if you get stopped without the import documentation (which the DVLA take), it gets impounded ... nice.
.... end of rant.


Pan handling

Finally got My new '56 Pan Started today ... Rode it around locally and am planning to get it registered in the next few weeks ... Lots to get my head around, checking everything etc ... I am hoping to it will be sorted for the Linkert in June!


Lewis Leathers

Lewis Leathers are back in the West End.
So many brands are being 're-invented' at the moment with varying amounts of success.
Derek and Hiro's incarnation of Lewis is how it should be done.
Make sure you visit the new shop, just off Oxford Street ... it's perfect.

A great cut-off Corsair Lewis jacket (I think!) ... Eagles MC ... North London patch club, early Sixties ...



Finally made it to Shinya's place in Azusa.
He's currently working on this amazing MV Augusta with the perfect Grimica front brake, plus a number of other secret projects!

Jesus Shreds

We met some cool people during our stay in Salt Lake, but this guy takes the biscuit.


Magnum 500 comeback?

We don't play together anymore, but there was a reunion of sorts, thanks to Guitar Hero ... All together now ... "I was born a Ramblin' Man!!!" ... Haven't laughed so much for ages!!

Boardtrack Sportster keeps rollin'

I went over to Cro in LA to work with Caleb on the finishing touches.
Metal Works, Whisky Sippin' and Slide Guitar till late ... Always a pleasure to spend time with Caleb.

Bolts Action

Jake from Bolts Action sorted out some great new Burton Boards and bindings for us to use during our trip.
We were in SLC for a Moto Monday special and got to meet most of the crew and eat superb pizza at Este - thanks Brooks!!

Brandon Bolts Action joins the 23" club ... nice

Hippodrome Studio

No visit to Utah would be complete without a visit to Jeff Decker.
Not only a first class sculptor and bike builder, but a great raconteur and host.
Thanks for putting us up/putting up with us Jeff.
His new Black Lightning is going to be a thing of beauty.

Pangea Speed, Salt Lake City

Really nice original ideas at Pangea. 20's/30's influence.

Everyone knows how troublesome those iron head sportster gearboxes are ... Andy decided to just cut it off and replace it with a Baker 4 speed ... nice.

This rigid new Triumph is going to be great ... It should be no problem for him ... his father/workshop partner builds aircraft too.

Utah ...

Diceman Davis and I punch above our weight at Brighton