On the way to the UK

Photo Caleb Owens

Tokyo Archive 4


 All camps catered for....


Sideburn @ Lewis

Hoofing it down, braved it on the Triumph ... great company ... loved the ex GPO Sideburn hauler ... nice.

Derek gets all Francis Bacon.

Jake and Sarah with the FT500.
The DSC paint job was perfect!


Pebble Beach Week

The BS1 makes it to The Quail Gathering.
Richard shows and test rides all week.
The bike is meant to be ridden, after all.
A credit to Caleb's craftsmanship, it turns a few heads.
Even confusing a few die hard motorcycle aficionados.
It's finally coming to London in the next few weeks and we will run it at Brooklands ... I can't wait.



Suka (Japanese Souvenir Jacket).
The first known piece of western style clothing to be designed in Japan.
I am working on a project with Lightning Magazine Japan based on this concept.

BS1 detailing

I've had quite a few emails recently about the tyre choice. 
Hopefully this will give an insight.

1926 Model 'S' Racer.


More BS1 here ...


Sideburn 6 Launch Party

Okinawa Patch Club

Okinawa (for the day)

Just back from a full on but great trip to Tokyo ...
Mr Matsushima from Lightning Magazine suggested we go to Okinawa, I said no problem ...
Didn't realize it was 2 1/2 hours by air ... it was worth it.

5.45am curry at Haneda Airport

USA law left and right, Japanese law through the middle. 
Note the different approach to the grass husbandry of each zone.

'Ghost Town'. No really, this whole town was built on a cemetery.

We got super geeky at the embroidery shops which mainly supply the US military bases on Okinawa.


New Brew

Shin's new shop ... Docklands ...

And, a tasty ARD mag ... seen at the 5th N.O.C.S show

From Psycho Wheels Osaka.


Diceman Davis

Putting down Pan miles ...

Photo Caleb Owens


It's all in the stars ...

Kubrick vs Scorsese

Kubrick vs Scorsese from Leandro Copperfield on Vimeo.



A rare sighting of the Duke of Waterloo at Dirty Whitewalls ... ciao bela!



Nice burn along the river and curry with fine company ... Gotta love them Widows ... !!

Eat It

Gavin and Andy pulled out the stops on the catering front last weekend ... Ta muchness.

GK Guy

Really nice to meet up with Guy again ... I scream, you scream, we all ... etc  .... He knew the score!

Demon Drome

Old style wall of death doesn't get any better that this ... At this years Hotrod Hayride


Road Test

Road tested at New Willow Springs.