Off to Brighton on Friday.

No ... not UK ... UTAH !! ... with Diceman Davis and some loaned new Burton gear ... beats fish and chips and getting soaked on the way back to London.

Jonsey's Jukebox

Steve's back (well since December) with his new show, check it out here


Oil City Confidential

Rockin'and Rollin' on Canvey Island ...



Lit up

Great quality Crocker style tail light from Japan ... thanks Toshio!


Road Trippin'

Psychedelic MFMC
photo - Dix.

In the Summertime ...

Can wait to go travelling again ... Seems like a long winter to me .


Evel Battersea

The son of stunt legend, Evel Kievel, Robbie Knievel, has announced that he will be attempting to jump 16 double-decker buses in London on 22nd May 2010. The stunt is one that his late father famously failed to complete, when he crashed at Wembly in May 1975 while attempting to jump 13 buses.

Knievel will be using the same model of bike – a Harley XR750 – as his father rode during his unsuccessful bid. He’s undertaken every jump that Evel did, with the exception of the Snake River Canyon jump and – until now – the bus jump.

I’ve never jumped a Harley-Davidson before and I’m ten years older than my dad was when he retired,” Robbie Knievel, 47, which doesn’t really inspire that much confidence. Talks are taking place with Wembley Stadium and the owners of Battersea Power Station over holding the event.


Dialing in the TR6

There's nothing like the long sweep over Chelsea Bridge to get the Triumph nice and hot and then get to work on that Amal ... Running really smoothly now ... just in time for the snow next week.

And the tension builds ...

The opening race of the Motor Cycle All-Comers Handicap at Brooklands April 1938.


Don't have enough Cash?

Johnny's last stand .... out on 22nd Feb


Mass Bates ...

Is this the answer to the seating debate ... they certainly look great.

Do you Ken??


Hopped up and Proud

Kulture back on line again, it seems.



Visually, the new Commando is of limited interest to me.

Kempton Park Jan 2010

Nicely restored 1930 500cc Raleigh, only £9000.00....

Kempton Park Jan 2010

Why is old stuff just better?

Kempton Park Jan 2010

Something for the weekend?