Jene Choppers

Norio Gets the Dice pick at Yokohama ... quite right too.

1947FL AMASIHN Model

Jene Choppers

BS1 at The Gauntlett Gallery

Merry Christmas etc



Up west ...


Japan Only Promo

Great to see this stuff at the first meeting of the day after a night at the Punk Rock Bar in Shibuya...


Yokohama 2010

Good vibes at the show this year ... a long day for sure.

Yokohama 2010

The first year for Falcon ... armed with really nice prints.


Yokohama 2010

For me, it's hard to ignore a genius Sportster

Yokohama 2010

And then Norio at Jene pulls this out of the bag and I am totally distracted.


BS1 and Leno

Leno interviews Richard about BS1 at Pebble Beach (6.18).


Love this guys work ...

“Make it three yards, motherfucker, and we’ll have us an automobile race.
Two-Lane Blacktop (1971)

More here If we don't, remember me

via DSC
Dave DSC always finds great stuff.


Devil in the Detail

Semba from Osaka ... Inazuma Festival

Tokyo Police Archive


Led Zep

It's been a non stop Zeppelin soundtrack in the studio this week ... 
Particularly loving those long drum rolls at the end of 'When The Levee Breaks' ... 
there must be something in the air. 

Bonzo and Brit Chop seen at chico moto


Brough neck

All the Brough-ness in Paris brought to mind one of my all time favourite bikes.
The '27 'works scrapper' in the Brooklands museum.
Built by Freddie Dixon and the Brough works.
Run on Pendine Sands by George Brough.
Raced by Le Vack.
The first plus 100 mile an hour sidecar lap at Brooklands.
Great pedigree .... for a mongrel.


Les Ateliers Ruby

New Paris showroom coming soon ... Top class gents and product.


party ... details ici




la fumee

regardez les motos

admirez l'art

un jour parfait.