Led Zep

It's been a non stop Zeppelin soundtrack in the studio this week ... 
Particularly loving those long drum rolls at the end of 'When The Levee Breaks' ... 
there must be something in the air. 

Bonzo and Brit Chop seen at chico moto


Brough neck

All the Brough-ness in Paris brought to mind one of my all time favourite bikes.
The '27 'works scrapper' in the Brooklands museum.
Built by Freddie Dixon and the Brough works.
Run on Pendine Sands by George Brough.
Raced by Le Vack.
The first plus 100 mile an hour sidecar lap at Brooklands.
Great pedigree .... for a mongrel.


Les Ateliers Ruby

New Paris showroom coming soon ... Top class gents and product.


party ... details ici




la fumee

regardez les motos

admirez l'art

un jour parfait.


BS1 and Brooklands

When the opportunity to ride a motorcycle on the hallowed banking at Brooklands is offered, it is impossible to pass up.
So we took the BS1 along and got togged up in the spirit of Le Vack et al to try and create an ambiance.
It was not about historical recreation or period correctness, there are plenty of experts taking care of that.
It was about trying to reach back and feel something that can work for now.
Getting bounced around on the disintegrating remains of the track, with the tree line in my peripheral vision was simply magical.
I can't claim to have fully recaptured the racing experience, but as you tuck in and accelerate towards the iconic bridge, a sense of time and place still resonates strongly on the Banking.

More soon.

Photograph Nick Clements.


Tokyo archive 5

Wild Angels original cinema release brochure.

Surf or turf?

Snails or Oysters? ... Tony never had any problem with that one ... RIP