Rorschach test?

It seems obvious to me!


Perfect day

Spannering at Bell 45 with Closed Mondays, Dirty Whitewalls and Jimmy Monk ... Nice



Take care with that Linkert! ...

Tokyo Archive 3

Jene Chopper 2007
Norio has his own style ... A great builder and fine fellow.

Visit Jene Chopper here


Little Miss Rad

This is great ... from Death Spray Custom ... Little Miss Rad


Kempton Park May 2010

Douglas Grasstrack machines ... Boardtrack Spirit? ... I think so.

Triumph of Nippon

Tokyo ride out ... nice


White Van Man

Finally offers something other than side swiping.

Panhead Fever

Toshi from EARTH via Tokyo came visiting ... Panhead coming to his collection soon, I think.


10 Years Apart

I started life with the Apart Gallery 10 years ago ... Bikeworks prints going in the show ... congratulations Adrian!


Ride The Locust

Top quality ride out ... nice.
Roll on Linkert days ....


Tokyo 2010

Last day in Tokyo ... this trip went by too fast ... dropped by the Blacktop boys in Nishiazabu ... Shovels R Us ... nice


Tokyo 2010

Dice Whiskey source identified ... Good price too!

Tokyo 2010

Fish market ride of choice ...

Tokyo 2010

Nothing like the old home visit to turn up good stuff ... A Warhol signed Campbells soup label ... Andy visited ... the owner took the can from his kitchen cupboard, removed the label and Andy scribbled on it ... Ker...ching!

Tokyo 2010

Hotel room view ... Somehow a Japanese cemetary right next door doesn't seem at all creepy.


Tokyo 2010

Best fish and chips in Tokyo ... No question
DELIGHT, Tamagawa.
Just ask for Masa!

Tokyo 2010

Roar Guns ... Highway signage light chandalier ... Nice


Tokyo 2010

BBQ in Zushi ... Last day of Golden Week ...

Tokyo 2010

Sushi ... Invite only! ... Thank you Mr Suzuki.

Tokyo 2010

Tokyo 2010

Kicking back ... Tokyo style


Tokyo 2010

Akasaka Golden Week Shovel


Tokyo Bound

A few epic dinners planned this trip, so I am told ...