MAY 3RD 2014 HOW will be putting on the first international Hell on Wheels Vintage MX rally, all the fun of the fair, just 5000 miles away. 

The event will be at the Motocross Village Ikebe around, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama, Japan 350-1105 It's about 28 miles outside of Tokyo. '...

Hell on Wheels IS a European Vintage Motorcycle re pair That company started out 30 years ago as an interest in Riding, competitive Racing Became Our ​​hobby while Always Fixing, Grew into a Talent, OTHERS started to RELY on Our service as a need, and it HAS Been Our job ever Since. MX Rally held decision to become the first round hell on wheels sponsored overseas last May 3, 2014 to come! Location is 5000 miles from here

Japan you do not have or remotely. Model of Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, which is located just about 28 miles from TokyoTo Cross Village. hell on wheels the repair of European vintage bikeCompany. The fix is ​​you were necessary in order to race riding fun. 30 years have passed Become a company finally come to be repaired from around gradually. Taken in California to feature the hell on wheelsCult documentary movie that was in  Jeff of chief mechanic is the owneras a mechanic all> tulinius, DartAs a track racer, his band of vocal You can see the true face as a member of the family as also. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v = ORvzWA_qOyI  and organizes a vintage race bike in place and themesHell on wheels Ru. <2 a="" any="" bike="" even="" font="" hang="" in="" level="" of="" person="" tires="">Prize money seriousness also rule also is not in the motto and the> can race but only love is committed if ItereFrom the looks of net featured in magazines and countless it is it to race in NHas been. Such a race is held in Saitama Prefecture, Japan May 3 at last! his companions> and ell on wheels is the Pacific Ocean along with the bikeThe coming showdown with the Locals in Japan over?! Husqvarna ho from vintage Triumph BSAShould race to Elounda Elsinore come together to ride also fun, but it's too fun just to look. Live shows and miss h of vintage motorcyclepinup contest to determine the ell on wheels japan is also scheduled to be held! http://www.youtube.com/watch