“United State, Selected works by Conrad Leach” 
Opening February 9, 2013 

Reception: Saturday, February 9, 2013, 6-9pm


(Glendale, CA) – “United State, Selected works by Conrad Leach” expands 
upon Leach’s dialogue of the body’s relationship with the machine and the 
visceral experience of speed. The physicality of Leach’s painting style and 
his use of high pigmented colors depict charged moments saturated with 
erotic tension and re-examine the familiar narrative of freedom and the open 
road. The meticulous precision of his strokes and use of bright and punchy 
colors make it easy to be swept into the canvas. It is clear that Leach comes 
to art making via the fashion industry through his culturally driven and energetic 
approach. He has shown extensively in London with Gauntett Gallery, where 
he resides, and in Tokyo with cafegroove. “United State” is Leach’s first solo 
exhibition in the United States, his first in a series at Subvecta Motus Gallery, 
and is curated by Stacie B. London.
Subvecta Motus Gallery is an art gallery dedicated to work made by rigorous 
process in the 21st century, and focuses on art which questions the relationship 
of humans and machines; analogue versus digital. These works make a practice 
of finding commonalities between seemingly disparate elements, thereby revealing
 delicate narratives. Subtly stirring, the fragile balance between opposites and the 
relationships that exist between them, us, and each other is questioned and revealed.